15.09.2020 19:17

DIGEST #10 — Preparing materials for the stores

Hello! 🤖

We are working toward the release in the AppStore and Google Play. This requires not only building up the application and conducting all the tests, but also making design for the application page in the store.

What should be added to the page along with the application?

✅ Full name

Not abstract or associated, but a detailed sentence with a primary function.

✅ Keys

Search for an application among other prototypes (although today there is no one) is realized by keywords. For example, we type in search box “chatbot” instead of “U-Robot”. The wording should accurately describe the function of the application.

✅ App Description & Advertising Text & Subheading

We have explained in a simple and clear matter whom and why U-Robot is needed to, distillation on basic functions in plain language.

✅ Privacy Policy and User Agreement

Any application that collects and stores user personal data must provide this document. In these documents, users will be able to review in detail individual characteristics of data processing.
Since we take responsibility not only for storing data, but also for the quality of the services provided, before starting we offer to review the document. The agreement in substance is a
civil contract between a user and a legal entity releasing an application.

✅ Screens and icon

Colorful screens with a signature Robot and application screens.
The materials are all ready for release in the stores.
See you next week!

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