28.09.2020 19:15

DIGEST #12 – Looking back in september

Welcome Everyone ๐Ÿค–!

Over the past month, the U-robot team has done all the basic work for the release of the application in the stores and for the kick-off of a promo campaign. Hereby, we will summarize the September stages and talk about our plans for October. 

As of September, we managed to connect and test all social networks and messengers for smooth operation of the chatbot. At the end of the month, we tested the first working bot, which spent 2 weeks together with the team. We actively used it to record meetings, and also trained its answers to all popular questions. Our bot managed to do well, so now the team has a full-fledged e-assistant. 

For the release in AppStore and Google Play, we have created pages, drafted a preview and prepared the text description of the app. We have received approval for the release. 

Also, we have added to the application new filters in messengers to sort users, which will surely facilitate the work with the bot users. 

Last week, we began work on the creation of basic scenarios for each popular industry. 

Our latest updates

We have added the option of sharing chatbot through messengers, similar to sending photos from the gallery. For this purpose, the SEND icon appeared in the main window. That button allows the user to share a link to the bot without leaving the application. The link shares access to all instant messengers, which have been integrated with your chatbot. 

Our plans for this November

We are still waiting for confirmation from the bank. We wrote about the need for confirmation on September 7th in Digest #9, so be sure to review this mailing if you missed it.

At the end of the month, we will integrate all the basic dialogue scripts into the app and check if they can be edited.

We will start our promo campaign using social media marketing. 

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