12.10.2020 18:41

DIGEST #14 – Optimization


Over the past week, we have optimized the app and completed the promised plans to add a new language version. Now, the app interface is available to English-speaking users in Russia and can be integrated into AppStore and Google Play abroad.

This week, technical work is planned to add a button to remove the account and all user data from the database. The button will appear in the Profile menu at the end of the list.

In order to fully launch the English version, you will need to remove additional functions such as – 1C and amoCRM. So far, they will be available only in the Russian version of the application. The work on the introduction of full-fledged functionality will take some time.

We have downloaded icons with logos of apps to the list of messengers. Now in the “Connect instant messengers” section and in all filters in “Chat “/” Contacts” 7 “Subscribers” menu – logos have been added.

Have a great, productive week!

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