02.12.2020 12:34

DIGEST #15 — Necessary absence

Hello there! 

For more than a month we have not reported on the news of the project, it is time to address the situation.

In mid-October, while on full alert, we were going to report the long-awaited release and launch the application in AppStore and Google Play. Before the release, many checks were carried out to exclude bugs during the use of the robot. Unfortunately, during the verification of the payment system there were problems with the receiving bank.

For a second, it even seemed that the team faced a big problem, and most of the work will go to waste. But, as everyone knows…

God suggests what’s the best!

Just the other day, U-Robot received official registration in the United States! That’s right, finally!

This event violated our launch plans and turned the idea of   the further development of the project upside down. And it was all due to this outcome that we became one step closer to the goal.

Wait for news and always keep your head up!

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