02.09.2020 10:20

DIGEST #8 – Looking back in August

Hello, everyone! 🤖

In this digest we are going to sum up the results of the last August. The summer is over. So, what have we done in August? Let’s recap one by one:

Facebook 📘

The first and the most delayed event which threw us out of routine was Facebook policy. The initial account was blocked and we created a new one and resumed ad campaign preparation. There were no other blocking issues and the account has been fully restored.

CRM и 1С 📬

The following logical stage was setting marketing funnels in our own crm-system. At the same time our designer was producing creatives for launching advertising in social networks (they are really cool). Besides, the marketing team integrated robot into CRM and 1C.

Calendar 📆

We added a viewer for information from chats displaying online-calendar events. Now U-Robot user can see relevant information on customers, date and time of meetings. To do so you need to go Profile > My events

One more thing❗

Similar to a viewer with information on events there is a new section “Payment list” in Profile menu. Information on payments received from customers is updated there. Now if U-Robot chatbot owner has got a relatively small customer base and can manage it, there is an automated mini planer delivering detailed information on each customer available at any time.

That’s all for today! See you next week.

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