02.09.2020 18:49

DIGEST #9 – Tests

Hello, everyone! 🤖

We have great news – we have released robot!

However, it works only inside a command. Now we are conducting a big test of the whole application functionality, creating robots and integrating them into IOS-based and Android-based messengers. It will take particular time. We must ensure that it executes all commands properly, transfers data from chats to the owner and doesn’t cause troubles during operation.

While team members are testing the product, developers are optimizing an application. Last week we managed to raise the application operation speed. Each step in creating a dialog thread runs smoothly. While creating a bot some buttons disappeared at certain stages, and this bug has also been fixed.

To work adequately and accept payments we still have to obtain confirmation from the Cloudpayments payment partner in IDBank. As our company is incorporated abroad and its business activity will be carried on the territory of the Russian Federation (so U-Robot will collect personal data from Russian citizens and store the data on foreign servers), it is necessary to get confirmation to accept funds legally and comply with international legislation on personal data storage.

If you’d like to stay updated on the project and enjoy special offers, please, take your time to check your email every week.

See you next Monday

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