21.09.2020 19:00

DIGIST #11 – New Filters

Hello!  🤖

Last week, we added a new filter to the chat/contacts/subscribers menu and began creating basic bot scenarios for different industries.

The above sections are located in the bottom menu bar of the application. This enables users to monitor and manage chat-bots events. Previously, information from all connected chats and instant messengers was collected in each menu. We added a channel filter, due to which the user can specify which chat or messenger to leave in the menu window. For example, by selecting “Instagram” from the “Subscribers” menu, the user will receive a complete list of contacts that have ever communicated with his chat bots, and so on.

At the same time, we started to

 work on creating basic dialogue scenarios for the most popular areas of activity. This will allow the user of the application to choose the basic dialogue suitable for him and supplement the ready base with conversation options based on the specifics of it’s activities. We must provide the logic of basic actions in each option of the dialogue to facilitate the creation of a personal chat bot.

In a week time, we will prepare  a fresh digest for you about the news over the past month.

Have a productive week!

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