20.10.2020 19:32

Young people born after 2000s can’t even imagine what does it mean to live without a mobile phone.

Young people born after 2000s can’t even imagine what does it mean to live without a mobile phone. They can hardly take it in that you can go out and be left without mobile service or that you can survive without a map or navigator and be able to find necessary street. They can’t even understand how not to have that luxury like googling.
The new generation’s brains are designed differently, they quickly absorb
new information and master technology. They keep up with the times and
follow latest trends emerging faster than ever in all of human history.

Children grow up with tablets in hands, therefore learning based on new technologies and programs will help them adapt to the complex world.

Not to mention, technology can facilitate teachers’ work. Instant messaging, virtual assistants and social media became their classroom where they exchange not only messages,
but also study materials, help each other in doing tasks and
perform researches on these platforms.

👩🏻 🎓 Chatbots increase student engagement

Chatbots in messengers offer the advantage in facilitating the educational process
and increasing engagement with specific subjects. Messenger applications may become a tool for communication between a student and a teacher. Bots will help
students to receive information on assignments, their deadlines,
timetables and significant upcoming events.

👩🏻 🏫 Chatbot as a teaching assistant

Teachers, as well as students, want to have tools
optimizing and simplifying their daily tasks to remove the burden of
repeating actions and focus on providing
quality education. They are true virtual assistants who
speed the task cycle teachers face on a daily basis.

● Bots are designed to answer questions students usually
ask, for example, a timetable, assignment for tomorrow, etc.
● Bots can monitor student progress by offering to download
completed task and sending a reminder of deadlines
● They can recommend relevant learning content

👫 Bots to consult parents in messengers

Almost every educational institution has chatrooms for
parents to discuss future plans, children’s progress, and ask
a lot of questions to the class teacher or curator. Online chatbot
clears general chatroom of flooding and provides a full range of tools
essential to parents. For example, it sends trip information, issues an invoice
for a guided tour or collect money for the class’s needs, get
feedback on past events or send a report card? Easy enough!

🏆 Come to stay

Obviously – bots reduce the burden on administrative staff
educational institutions. It will not only improve student learning, but also
will improve vision, resilience and curiosity among them. As a result,
using technological tools, we can expect the sector to grow
education. What do you think?

🏆 They are here to stay

It’s obvious that bots reduce workload of administrative staff of educational institutions.
It will not only push students’ progress but also improve their vision, resistance and intellectual curiosity. As a result of applying hi-tech tools it is reasonable to expect growth of education sector. What’s your idea?

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